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The mobile workforce is a force to be reckoned with — once it finds a place to sit.

Michael Andor Brodeur, Boston Globe

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making it easier than ever to get things done while out on the road

—Lonely Planet

Use Workfrom to find and share the best coffee shops with WiFi and power, cafes, bars, coworking and other work-friendly spaces—wherever you roam.

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Why we work remotely.

Our community shares their passion for working from anywhere. #RoamFree

— cmahone

Peace & Concentration
— quenerapu

Because I Can
— Rosanna Lopes

— miketang

— MBoffin

Variety & Travel
— Lela

Flexibility & Exploration
— Chase D, zurielebron + Al

Choice to live where I want

Good Music
— cjlee37

— Joseph Tatum + Sasopapp

— Allan White

No Commute
— PdxSB + marksc

Think you have to be in software to work remotely? Think again. Millions around the world work outside the box in a variety of fields—just take a look at our community.

Working remotely helps me maintain a healthy mix of living my life and fulfilling my responsibilities. — erin fabrigas // student, freelance content writer and musician

Working remotely takes the isolation out of, I enjoy being on the road and love being able to see the sites while I'm on the clock. — Katie // graphic designer and artist


Working remotely allows me to connect with entrepreneurs around the globe while providing me the flexibility to provide services whenever they are needed - not just 9 to 5. — Heather Kachel // executive assistance and copy writing


I work self-employed from home and sometimes I just need to get out of my place! — aaronRFanderson // commercial and artistic filmmaker


Freedom to see new places, see how people live, and enforce a minimalist lifestyle (live out of a carry-on). — Brooklyn Zelenka // full stack web + iOS programmer


Independence and respect given to be productive without overhead. — Huiyunkim // business development

Easy access to good company and good coffee. — John Hobbs // Web and mobile software development

My studio is in my apartment; sometimes you just need to get out of the house and go where there are people! — egypturnash // I draw sf/f comics about cool ladies having adventures


I am passionate about coffee and coffee shops, and the community they create. I am also inspired and energized when I work around other people. — Robert Peck // CEO & Co-Founder of Commonwealth Joe

The time limit and the vibe of other working people near me. — Joshua Waldman // social media + business development

I'm a freelance realtime stenographer/captioner for deaf and hard of hearing students and professionals. Every day I carry my office (26 pounds of laptops, cables, and steno equipment) on my back. I also founded The Open Steno Project, so when I'm not captioning, I need a place between gigs to work on that. — stenoknight


My company is very open-minded in this aspect and it is the way of the future! — TatPleng // Director of Content & Experience

nice, intelligent people — Atma //Industrial Psychologist and personal consultant


I love the freedom and flexibility of being location independent. Also, I worked in a traditional office for awhile and found that I wasn't suited to it. — ekcorso // Pro MMA Fighter, Self-Defense and Strength Coach, Writer, Speaker

You can get so much more done when you aren't tied to meetings and office events. You can also eat healthier and take time to workout. Since striking out on our own more than six years ago we've become happy, healthy, super productive and have never wanted to take on the overhead or location commitment of an office. — amber // We build websites, apps and user interfaces

The ability to be in control of my day and choose my surroundings. I can't concentrate when in the same office day after day. — Trista Dedmon // Freelance web designer and developer

Every now and then, it's good to get out of my basement and see people and the light of day. — mizlandry // communications consultant

I make all of my coaching calls from home and I'm trapped in my studio apartment most of the time. But every Friday (and whenever else I can get away), I like to pack up my things and work in beautiful cafes and public spaces. I also host coworking days with my community once a month. — coachjennie // The Audacity Coach

A job that allows me to do so :) — jonathan // Software Development

Flexibility, choosing your own surroundings and office-mates, travel opportunities. — katiesmithadair // I run a pop-up dining startup called PlaceInvaders


We're a lean startup and do not have the need to lease an office space at this point. — AngelSpan // Investor Relations for Startups


It's difficult for me to work from home. At home it is easy for me to get sleepy and decide to go take a nap rather than work. I also get distracted by all the house-related tasks I want to do like gardening, the dishes, cleaning, repainting... Working elsewhere is great not only because it gets me out of the house, but also because the ambient noise helps me stay focused. — Ami // writing my dissertation


I don't have a formal office because I'm always on the road. — jwolach // Chief Technology Officer

I was given the opportunity to move to NYC and work remotely for my current employer, which was a win-win: I like the idea of being able to focus on my own terms instead of being in a hectic office environment, plus being able to do so virtually wherever I want. — brandonlucasgreen // Product Manager

I have a daughter who is a minor and who travels as a model; I need to be able to travel with her. — kbutterly // Web Developer

Greg Brown

Working from all over the world, I need places to work with other like minded people that hang out. — the Productivity DJ // productivity coach

Networking, variety, convenience — Paul OBrien // Venture capital, startup advising, economic development

I'm currently working on writing a book... a change of scenery now and then helps me get more done! — Tami // coach, advocate, and co-founder of the Fibromyalgia-ME/CFS Support Center


I NEED to get out of the house and be around other human beings to maintain creative energy. — cloudwrangler // comic book writer and publisher

Working from interesting locations keep my creativity flowing and — dakotagraves // social media community and content strategy consultant

being able to engage with my far-flung team from the city I was born and raised in — murasakinotori // writing, translation, monitoring Internet censorship in China

I love working with new teams, experiencing new cultures and helping other people create great businesses. — eyejean // digital media strategy

I love the flexibility and variety that comes along with creating my own schedule and choosing my work environment. — CatDiaz // editor

I want to see more places, meet more people, and do more things. I believe this is the best way for me to become a better writer, thinker, and member of the global society. — David Powell // Content writing and web design

Learning new languages and cultures. — partysandy // Developer education and software consulting

Travel constantly so I'm always working remotely. — Lee Rosen // Divorce lawyer and firm consultant

Ski in Whistler, Golf in Nova Scotia, Live in Montreal, Work in Toronto. Seriously. — Suzanne // cloud & digital business lawyer / consultant

I enjoy my independence, quiet, and moments of bursts of energy from working alone. I find myself becoming more balanced when I have a place and space dedicated for work and play. — DaisyTWong // Creative, community outreach for a hospice company

The freedom to choose the place and time to do my work. The necessity of working with US companies from Czech Republic. — Miroslav Bajtoš // Software development, consulting, mentoring


I decided to start me own business after I was downsized from the cubical world. Best thing I could have ever done. :-) — Teresa // virtual assistant


Writing and coding are cheaper to do remotely than in an office. It's also more exciting to change the location and work from anywhere. — Drmicheleross // author + entrepreneur in the cannabis industry


World schooling my 6 year old, exploring, freedom, cant wait to stop paying so much rent! — Courtenay // architectural designe

Working remotely means you get to work by your own rules. You get to work the best way for yourself—at that moment. The key with all of this is being able to find that favorite coffee shop that you know won't let you down—because, if it does, your workflow can be completely thrown off. — Jehn Glyn // Co-Founder of


Working remotely is the best way to live your life and at the same time enjoy what you do. It gives you the flexibility to travel and work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. — Bob // data scientist for an IoT startup and co-founder of a marketing & PR consulting company


Working remotely gives me the flexibility I need to work where and when I'm most productive. — Paige // founder of Client Joy


Working remotely gives me the chance to choose the most awesome project from a wider sample. — nicethings // iOS and Unity (VR)

Working remotely first occurred for me out of necessity. I relocated back to my home town and the company I worked for offered remote working as an option. It didn't take long to discover the boost in productivity since I had didn't have a hundred people dropping by my desk every day. Since then I have created my own company and now work for clients across the USA remotely. — rrichardsr3 // software developer and linux devop/admin


Working remotely allows me the freedom to pursue all facets of design I enjoy without being confined to the limitations of one work environment or client base. You can set your own limitations, deadlines, and constraints to reach your goals. — Laura Dutra // Graphic Design + Visual Development


Change of scenery, meeting clients in cool spaces, making use of time while playing chauffeur. — aceedee // Graphic design

Ambiance. I am always on the go. — Zebulun // Volunteer Coordinator for an international non-profit