1920c (CLOSED) in San Francisco

Private / Coworking Space, Private Meeting Room(s)
Moderate Noise
Plugs everywhere

Original Scout + Editors

Owner sourced

Who's clocked in to get work done here

Workspace Details + Amenities

Keywords coworking, San Francisco, Chinatown
Web 1920c.com  

Pro Tips

Two patios, one phone booth for taking calls. Ample desk space. Can come with teams and all sit together. One conference room. Fast private WiFi. Unlimited coffee and curated Asian leaf tea in the kitchen. Dog friendly. Community oriented.

Located on the second floor. Bring your bicycle up by taking the elevator. Great cheap restaurants nearby for lunch. There's even a cool art gallery in the space and a hammock and lounging area for taking breaks.

Membership options include short-term hourly and daily drop-ins. Non profits currently get 15% off their membership (Nov. 2015). Inquire for Students and Teams discounts.

About their name: "We are a women owned business and seek to provide a safe space for women. The U.S. in the 1920’s represents to us an era for the beginning of the modern women, mass culture, social change, innovation, and a period of economic growth. This era resonates with us now and we hope to reinvent that inspiration into our roaring community. The C represents our community and whoever joins us will be a part of it."

  • This lovely place has permanently closed for business. 🙁

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