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Andrea Velázquez  Jul 2014
Pioneer / VIP Member    (New York City)

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How did you start working remotely? Was it something you sought out or stumbled into?

When I graduated college, I decided that I was going to pursue a creative career, regardless of the fact that I had just gotten my BBA in Marketing. I moved to NYC and got a full-time job that allowed me to pay the bills while I pursued my creative ambitions on the side. I would (and still) dedicate most of my nights and weekends to completing illustration and design projects that challenged me to practice my creative skills every day. Because I lived with 3 of my best friends, and we always had guests over, I knew that I would never get anything done if I stayed home, and thus began my voyage into the world of getting shit done in cool cafes that have yummy teas and good vibes.

Do you still work remotely?

Yup! On weekends when I want to work on my projects.

How did you find places to work from before Workfrom?

I was on that Yelp game yo. I would just search “Wifi cafes” and look over the photos to see if the place looked like it would strike my fancy.

How did you find out about Workfrom?

I was in Portland for a conference and wanted a nice place to work from so I googled “places to work in portland” and boom! The rest is history.

What do you like most about Workfrom?

It gets it. It lets you know what the outlet situation is, how good the wifi is, what kind of seating there is – all the small details that define your working experience.

What would you like to see above all else come from us in the next year?

A big party with barrels and barrels of puppies. Or an app. An app would be pretty cool too.