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Andrew Gobran  Oct 2017
Pioneer / Member   

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How did you start working remotely? Was it something you sought out or stumbled into?

I definitely stumbled into remote work. During college I had many different jobs, none of which were remote, but each provided me with a lot of latitude and flexibility to be proactive, so I was able to develop the ability to set goals and strive towards them relatively independently. This became further amplified when I was exposed to entrepreneurship and helped develop a nonprofit youth missionary organization which involved primarily remote work and collaboration with people across the US and throughout the world.

What do you do for work and for fun?

For work, I help organizations become better by investing in their human capital. Entrepreneurship is a big interest of mine that has influenced how I think and work. For fun, I enjoy working out, quality-coffee-time with my family, cooking, and volunteering.

What cities do you call “home” and why do you want to be a Workfrom ambassador?

Maple Grove, MN (and the Twin Cities in general) is where I call home. I want to be an ambassador because I am passionate about remote work andthe opportunity it provides to do great work while striving for flexibility and balance.

How did you find out about Workfrom and why do you want to bring it to your area?

I think I came across Workfrom through a random online searches about remote work. It was definitely a good find! I want to bring Workfrom to the Twin Cities because I think there is definitely a remote working community here and it would be great to connect with them and play a role in helping to further connect that community.

Any tips you’d like to share for others wanting to or already working remotely?

The biggest thing that has benefited me that I believe would help those interested in remote work is to develop your own personal productivity system. Think about how you spend your time across the board and determine whether you are using your time effectively. One of the hardest parts of remote work is maintaining balance between working and all the other important aspects of life (family, hobbies, responsibilities, etc.).

Any tips for those wanting to visit and work from your area?

Minnesota has a great community! The people are nice and there is a lot of different things to do and great spaces to work in. If you’re coming during the winter make sure to bring layers!

What do you like most about Workfrom, and what would you like to see above all else come from us in the next year?

What I like most about Workfrom is how it feels as though it is built by those who are part of the community. Everyone contributes their insight, challenges, and questions and we all grow together from it. Workfrom already does this, but continuing to find new, creative ways to drive engagement among the Workfrom community is always good.