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davidturnbull  Apr 2015
Pioneer / VIP Member   

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How did you start working remotely? Was it something you sought out or stumbled into?

I sought it out. I moved to Sweden to live with my girlfriend while she studied at university and I wanted to make sure I could do the work I love for a great company, and not rely on finding this match in any one particualar location.

Do you still work remotely?

Yes, I’m working out of a cafe right now (well, taking a break).

What do you do for work and for fun?

I work in Growth Marketing and for fun I like to exercise and explore the city that I am currently in.

What cities do you call “home” and why do you want to be a Workfrom ambassador?

Stockholm, Västerås and London, UK. I think it’s really important for remote workers to get out of the house and work around other people, and I want to help others find great locations to do so.

How did you find out about Workfrom and why do you want to bring it to your area?

I can’t actually remember where sorry! Maybe #nomads or something? I want to bring it to my cities because I think their are a lot of people here who could benefit from the service

Any tips for those wanting to visit and work from your area?

Bring a lot of money, coffee in Sweden can be pretty expensive!