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jchaka  Jul 2016
Pioneer / Member   

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How did you start working remotely? Was it something you sought out or stumbled into?

I worked remotely for a big corporation for a few years. Which worked for me as I did not like the culture in the onsite office they had. I was always asking my boss for more work. And due to boredom I ended up branching out and helped others with their HR needs. I ended up getting enough work that i was being paid the same as my normal job.

What do you do for work and for fun?

For work HR related activities. For fun, travel, board games, cooking and reading

What cities do you call “home” and why do you want to be a Workfrom ambassador?

I don’t really call any city home as I travel 9 months of the year. I am often in Guadalajara, Western Mass, and Asia

How did you find out about Workfrom and why do you want to bring it to your area?

Reading an article. In some places I have been to it is not very common but the trend is rising and also things change very quickly so it is hard to find up to date information.

Any tips you’d like to share for others wanting to or already working remotely?

Block out time to look for passive ways of earning money

Any tips for those wanting to visit and work from your area?

Sad to say but Starbucks is very popular in Guadalajara

What do you like most about Workfrom, and what would you like to see above all else come from us in the next year?

I would like to see a droid app