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Richard Littauer  Apr 2015
Pioneer / VIP Member   

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How did you start working remotely? Was it something you sought out or stumbled into?

I stumbled into it. I went to university in Europe, and ended up becoming a web developer by accident while I was traveling around central Europe as a Linguistics masters student. I went back to the States for a couple of years, to New York and San Francisco, before realizing I could live anywhere and I missed the road. So, here I am, and the coffee is pretty good.

Do you still work remotely?


What do you do for work and for fun?

I work for fun and I have fun for work. I’m building a tool to help scientists for the MIT Media Lab; I also have a few side projects, like running Node Schools where I am. I set up TheUserIsDrunk.com recently, which has been a load of fun. Life is hard.

What cities do you call “home” and why do you want to be a Workfrom ambassador?

I don’t call any city home. I’m a digital nomad.

How did you find out about Workfrom and why do you want to bring it to your area?

I heard about you guys years ago, as I was interested in setting up my own similar business. I don’t want to bring it to anywhere but where I am, not to a particular city.

Any tips you’d like to share for others wanting to or already working remotely?

Just do it. But have a backup plan.

Any tips for those wanting to visit and work from your area?


What do you like most about Workfrom, and what would you like to see above all else come from us in the next year?

The idea. Social networks