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Argo Tea at Marquette Building 

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Wifi through "web beams" tries to sell you access. but the simple purchase of a $2 tea will get you on. Just hard to find where to place your access code. View of two Chicago landmarks as you work, The Berhoff restaurant and Calder's Flamingo sculpture at the federal buildings. Outlets are black and interestingly well hidden. Look directly under the booth seats for a surprise private outlet, or join others at the large square table that has outlets on the South and North side. Seems there is a 2-hour wifi limit, but it seems stable and semi-private. Well-brewed tea. Sinatra music over speakers, slightly chill. Food here is standard coffee-shop bakery goods, but through the lobby door you can get to Corner Bakery for more food. The Marquette building this Argo tea is in has a small but architecturally-interesting lobby if you choose to walk-through it to that Corner Bakery.

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FoodBaked Goods
Seating Capacity 30
Group Space Some
Types of SeatingSmall tables, Larger table, Lounge chairs / couches
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KeywordsTea, Landmarks, Wifi

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