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Website Design/Development, Writing and App Development.

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Startup dev.

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Raglan Roast Coffee
Goldmine by Lamason

Pro Tips

  • Loretta — 11/13/2017 — Aaand they are back to unlimited wifi with no password, though it's still quite slow.
  • Sixes & Sevens — 10/05/2017 — Now brewing Skunkworks Coffee Manufactory (local micro roaster)
  • Caffe MODE — 10/05/2017 — Good news, they have expanded into the shop next door so have added around another 20 seats.
  • Plum Cafe — 09/18/2017 — Free wifi is now 2 hours long
  • Loretta — 08/01/2017 — Now you ask for a voucher to get 2 hours free Wifi access, though it's still quite slow.
  • Zumo — 06/27/2017 — Bright and airy, featuring a large communal work table, couches, open fires, and a large outdoor are...
  • Baobab Café — 10/11/2016 — Now offers free wifi but only 50Mb - ask for login details.