Website Design/Development, Social Media, Digital Marketing/SEO, Writing and Business Development.

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Web development, digital marketing

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Freedom and health

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MOD Coffeehouse
Houndstooth Coffee

Pro Tips

  • Rontoms — 07/13/2017 — There are a couple outlets outside under the covered patio near the fireplace.
  • Blue Butterfly — 07/12/2017 — There's an outlet outside on the sidewalk. Also, an outlet inside near the window on the wooden benc...
  • Top 10 Fastest WiFi Spots in Portland … and Your City — 03/10/2017 — This is a great post.
  • Kupros Craft House — 02/12/2017 — PS - there were a few laptops inside working but my speed test was taken on the upstairs patio which...
  • There Be Monsters — 11/07/2016 — Music selection is choice.
  • Bagdad Theater & Pub — 10/02/2016 — There are 3 components to this listing for working. The Hawthorne street-side "cafe" has indoor and ...
  • North Bar — 06/24/2016 — The food carts nearby that you could bring food in from are gone.
  • Bare Bones Cafe — 04/29/2016 — They have real sugar sodas in the bottle! The reasonably priced breakfast sandwich and a Dr Pepper i...
  • Slingshot Lounge — 04/28/2016 — Downside of out back is that I can't connect to the wifi. Very good inside though.
  • Slingshot Lounge — 04/28/2016 — Had no idea there was a covered back patio area. Mostly for smoking but has heaters. There's also a ...
  • The Toffee Club — 04/21/2016 — Meat and veggie pies :)
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters on Division — 04/18/2016 — AC works really really well. Noticed it's less crowded these days, too. Quite a few outlets.
  • Speedboat Coffee — 04/08/2016 — This space has changed ownership. The private back room no longer exists - overall the place has mor...
  • Maplewood Coffee & Tea — 02/24/2016 — Giant playroom for kids. Nice covered patio outside. Was super packed around 1pm and became empty by...
  • Stark Street Station — 02/16/2016 — Pot pie!
  • Seven Virtues — 07/01/2015 — They have AC! Very nice on a hot day