Social Media, Digital Marketing/SEO and Writing.

Love collaborating and Looking for a job/new clients.

Type of work.

I'm a writer, artist and herbalist with experience in the tech startup world and NGOs.

Why I work remotely.

It allows me the freedom to work from wherever I want. I don't have to go to the same coffee shop every single day - unless I want to.

Recent Clock-ins

Tea Bar
WeWork Custom House
Townshend's Mississippi Ave Teahouse


Better Living Through Coffee
Port Townsend, WA
Brewed Awakenings
Vancouver, WA
McMenamins Edgefield
Troutdale, OR
River Maiden Artisan Coffee
Vancouver, WA
Seize The Bagel
Vancouver, WA
Solera Brewery
Parkdale, OR
Vancouver, WA
Starbucks 918 SE 164th Ave
Vancouver, WA
Thatcher's Coffee
Vancouver, WA
White Electric Coffee
Providence, RI
Chuck's Produce & Street Market
Vancouver, WA
Dee Why, New South Wales
The Coffee Guild
Manly, NSW