A maker of Workfrom and other joys.


Photography, Website Design/Development, Hand Lettering, Hardware & IT, Writing and Business Development.

Type of work.

Workfrom! and some coding, cooking, singing, guitar playing and road tripping.

Why I work remotely.

Travel, freedom, more time with friends and family. PJs.

Recent Clock-ins

Rust Coffee Lounge
Coava Coffee Roasters on Jefferson

Most Recent Pro Tips

  • Kahveology — 12/05/2017 — Look for power outlets under the booths. A couple yrs after opening, they still have a "raw" feel...
  • Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge — 06/28/2017 — Reported: Noise level is high - typically loud music and full restaurant. They just opened an awesom...
  • Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery — 05/26/2017 — And their patio is now open! Watching someone put the final paint on the fence but it's even bigger ...
  • Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery — 05/18/2017 — Wifi in the back room is spotty .... definitely not as strong or sat as front room.
  • The Green Dragon — 05/18/2017 — Now the Rogue East pub. https://workfrom.co/rogue-eastside-pub-pilot-brewery-portland-102168
  • Axiom Hotel — 04/29/2017 — Great spot for meetings up to 4 and perfect for one on ones.
  • Proper Grounds Coffee Roasters — 04/24/2017 — They've moved to https://workfrom.co/proper-coffeecocktails
  • Because Coffee — 02/17/2017 — There's a power strip by the 2 lounge chairs along the back wall. Nice food menu, too, for $6.
  • The Living Room Coffeehouse — 02/16/2017 — That's awesome! I can't wait to check it out.
  • Pain & Cie — 01/10/2017 — An anonymous user reported WiFi is now available at this location, as of Dec 22, 2016.
  • Hop and Vine — 01/08/2017 — Thanks for the tip on a new space here. Will have to check it out. It'll be hard to beat the H&V ......
  • Café Cometa — 12/21/2016 — Thanks for letting us know! Looks like the last Speedtest was shared on Aug 10, 2016. Will mark it a...
  • Bliss Coffee — 10/29/2016 — Cute space with all the good coffees including Heart, Verve and Four Barrel.
  • Spritely Bean — 10/06/2016 — The woman working next to me just informed me they have the best breakfast sandwiches, too.
  • Spritely Bean — 10/06/2016 — They've changed their seating and tables. Now all seating height tables with plastic chairs and padd...
  • Equator Coffees & Teas — 09/21/2016 — It's in the ground floor atrium of the Linked In building.
  • TankDesk PDX — 08/24/2016 — We're sorry to report that this place has closed. If we hear of any updates (sometimes moves happen)...
  • Case Study Coffee on Sandy — 07/10/2016 — Looks like others have experienced WiFi issues recently, too. I was here on a Sunday and the place w...
  • Short North Coffee House — 06/29/2016 — Thanks! Looks like there was a problem w/the display, but the tests saved and we updated the address...
  • Qawra — 06/17/2016 — Sounds beautiful! Adding it to my travel list ;)