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Type of work.

Hello! I am a YouTube Content Creator for Graphic Designers, Self-Employed Individuals and Entrepreneurs and I am the Co-Founder of www.TheCreativeRoundtable.com. I am truly passionate about typography, design, creating your own path and learning from others. Previously, I ran my own Graphic and Web Design business for 7 years. I also work full-time as a Graphic Designer for a tech company in Portland.

Why I work remotely.

Working remotely means you get to work by your own rules, in a sense. One day you might want to sit in your apartment all day, blaring music. The next day, you might want to sit in the corner of your favorite cafe for several hours. The day after, you might want to sit in the park in the morning and wrap up your day at your apartment. The beauty of that, especially as a creative, is that you get the work the best way for yourself - at that moment. The key with all of this though, is being able to find that favorite coffee shop that you know won't let you down - because, if it does, your workflow for the day can be completely thrown off. That is where Workfrom comes in. :) Love what you guys do!

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