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Social Media, Writing and Business Development.

Love collaborating and Looking for a job/new clients.

Type of work.

Current project: - Future of Business Schools: We use a ton of public data (e.g., Twitter, Company reviews, Rankings) to analyze what business schools provide students with a skill set to work at a 'regular' or at an ' innovative' company. - Infrastructure of Innovative Learning Institutes: We interviewed deans, program managers and nearly 20 innovative learning institutes to explore why the institute was created, what they are offering to students, and how they are attracting staff and students. - Twitter as a platform for organizational learning: I'm investigating the breath and depth of knowledge sharing within a Twitter community of school teachers (#acps) I'm a researcher investigating - Teams: What makes team work and what not, why do people talk with each other and why do they stop - Education: How can we innovate education? What is an innovative learning institute and how are they managed? - Professional development: How can professionals be supported in their learning process? When are you an expert? I come to realize that I like research and writing, but find the walls of academia sometimes suffocating. I enjoy analyzing data and trying to search for patterns. I taught myself R and Python to be from expensive proprietary programs commonly used in academia (e.g., SPSS).

Why I work remotely.

I got kids and don't want to work 9-5 in an office (school schedules are also not made for that). Ideally, once the kids are a bit older and more independent, we will be traveling a lot. I'm a "third culture kid" with no roots in a specific country.

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