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Website Design/Development.

Love collaborating and Not looking, but taking new clients.

Type of work.

I am a software engineer specializing in legacy application maintenance. If you can't afford to replace the outdated application your business domain relies on, I can help you understand and implement a refactoring strategy that bridges the gaps between limited code quality and deprecated dependencies, and modern best practices. We'll work together to identify the key deficiencies or weakness within both the work flows and data flows of your older application. We'll then draft a series of problem-solution statements and work with you to ensure we understand the stakeholders wants and expectations so that the problem-solution options make sense to all stakeholders. Together, we will create a project scope that fits your priorities, budget, and an acceptable development life cycle. All new and refactored code, as well as it's dependency interfaces are test-driven. Stakeholder communication is utilized throughout the process to ensure satisfaction. I take the time to thoroughly explain my approach and recommendations.