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Photography, Website Design/Development, Illustration, App Development and Business Development.

Love collaborating and Looking for a job/new clients.

Type of work.

Strategy, UX, Product Design, Branding, Graphic Design/Illustration, Advertising, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Research, Usability Testing and Analysis

Why I work remotely.

Independence and a wide variety of projects to work on keep things fresh and interesting. I value the ability to navigate my career in whatever direction I choose. I can select what kind of clients I want and what kind of projects interest me, which allows me to develop a very customized skill set and portfolio. I work best with a lot of autonomy and have always been a self-starter. I find I go farther when I get to steer my own ship. But there are drawbacks...such as less stability, complicated taxes, the stress of managing all of your own clients, and yes...a bit of loneliness. So I'd love to connect with others in a similar situation. A virtual watercooler sounds neat. =)