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Website Design/Development, Hardware & IT and Writing.

Love collaborating and Looking for a job/new clients.

Type of work.

My profession is problem solving. My chosen tool by which to do that has been developing software. I've written shell scripts, maintained systems in .Net, built APIs in PHP, and implemented interfaces with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I've maintained legacy systems and built cutting-edge, life-changing applications, as well as created little tools to support other people in getting their work done. Software, however, is not the only tool I use to solve problems. Creating physical items (namely, soap) and businesses have proven to be useful tools, as well. I am a problem solver by nature, how the solutions manifest depends on the needs of the problem.

Why I work remotely.

I'm an introvert who loves the sun and hates staring at the same four walls all of the time.

Recent Visits

Upper Cup Coffee Company