Website Design/Development, Writing and App Development.

Type of work.

Programming and App Development. I've also done wildlife research, book selling, computer selling, stage management, dog walking and wildlife rehab to name a few.

Why I work remotely.

Scheduling your own hours, getting to find fun and funky places, freedom to explore...who wouldn't want to work remotely?

Recent Clock-ins

The Red E Café
Nectar Cafe
Random Order

Pro Tips

  • The Red E Café — 05/16/2017 — The network/password is redecafe/welovecoffee
  • Random Order — 02/11/2017 — That's supposed to be sweetthing. Dang auto correct ;-)
  • Random Order — 02/11/2017 — Password has been changed to sweet thing
  • US Bancorp Tower Lobby — 10/17/2016 — I am leaving another note. This one will be a long one to make sure this there are no problems. It...
  • US Bancorp Tower Lobby — 10/17/2016 — This is a comment.
  • Cathedral Coffee — 09/22/2016 — This is a bit out of the way but if you find yourself in the St. John's area I would highly recommen...
  • Floyd’s Coffee Old Town — 09/17/2016 — They had me at the Golden Girls posters!
  • The Society Hotel — 07/25/2016 — Log on to the The Society Hotel (not Society Cafe) and the password is 'thesocietyhotel16'
  • Sound Grounds Cafe (CLOSED) — 07/15/2016 — That's not their website. But it is hilarious!