Website Design/Development.

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Website design, graphic design, logo design

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Lela's Bistro

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  • Fillmore — 09/06/2017 — 9/6/17 update: Filmore2 network is still consistent at 65 Mb / sec down. They no longer have a kid's...
  • Fillmore — 12/01/2016 — I haven't been here for a month or so but the network is creeping at about 2Mb/sec today. Someone mu...
  • Portland Community College: Southeast Campus (Library) — 10/04/2016 — To use the wireless, select "PCC-Guest" and you'll be instructed in a browser window to create a tem...
  • Vancouver Community Library — 08/31/2016 — I'm here on Wed around 2:30pm and it's been quiet on the 4th floor. Only five other people working o...
  • TankDesk PDX — 08/23/2016 — Wondering the same thing too, their website's tanked (pun intended).
  • Old School Coffee — 12/15/2015 — Cozy spot. There's a great standing bar for laptops at the east side window. A good amount of food c...
  • The Zipper — 12/11/2015 — For Comcast users, there'a also "xfinitywif" but it's slow at 2.75 Mb/s.
  • Fillmore — 12/11/2015 — Alex, the owners didn't want the wifi password listed here. You'll need to grab a coffee and/or pizz...