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Technical SEO consultancy

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Travelling, following the sun

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  • Jin-Si Books and Cafe — 06/28/2017 — The tables at the back (near the toilets) are better as the temperature is better there (in the rest...
  • Nunpat — 06/03/2017 — Speed test here at workfrom reports worse download speed than the real one: https://www.evernote.com...
  • Jai Dee Home — 03/11/2017 — Big Chang beer for just 80 TBH when happy hour
  • Backlane Coffee — 11/30/2016 — It is indeed cold inside due to aircon, maybe too much :D The place is quiet, cozy and comfortable. ...
  • Wheeler’s Coffee — 11/15/2016 — The wifi test seems slower here, doing it with other websites gets up to 20Mbps, works fine. no p...