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BT Cafe

A laptop-friendly space in Beaverton


BT Cafe located inside Beaverton Toyota has a gorgeous space. Most of the seating is located adjacent to the espresso bar in the service dept's Lounge area. Open, airy and spacious, with access to WiFi, cozy chairs, lounge areas, kids play area and hot desks w/ a myriad of outlets (including a few loaner laptops).There are plenty of people in and out making this a perfect area to people watch and get a little work done for a few hours. Honestly, if you buy something from the cafe, you really don't need to be waiting on your car (shh!!). Great vibes because none of the staff want to talk to you unless they absolutely HAVE TO!They sell great little espresso, and the area is well lit.👍 Desk "half-cube" areas allow solo work similar to how I work at the library!!

Need to know

Type of Space


Today | All Hours Unknown
Avg. WiFi Speed 9 Mb/s Details
WiFi Login BTGUEST |
Background Noise Moderate
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating
Types of Seating Small tables, lounge chairs / couches
Accessible Outlets Plenty
Community Tags Outdoor Seating, Has Power
Coffee Options illy, espresso
Food Options Coffee Shop Scones, Muffins, Light Sandwiches
Scout Date January 2017
Last Updated January 2017
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