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Best places to study and work: Portland, Oregon

Finding a good, quiet place to study and get work done can be a challenge. In order to have a productive environment you want: plenty of outlets, fast Internet and great coffee.

Here are just some of our favorite spots to work and study from in Portland, Oregon.


Crema Coffee and Bakery, Portland OR

Crema is a large space with a great menu and fast Internet for any research, homework or projects you need to study for.
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Case Study Coffee on Sandy

Case Study Coffee Sandy Blvd. Portland OR

Case Study is located in NE Portland on Sandy Blvd. Great WiFi, plenty of seating and a popular place for remote working. Bonus: food carts are very nearby.
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Albina Press

Albina Press N Albina, Portland OR

Albina Press is a great place to get work done in Portland. Often full of others doing the same. Fast Internet and a variety of seating.
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Breken Kitchen

Breken Kitchen, Portland OR

Breken is a beautiful location right at the base of the 405 bridge. Great deck and huge windows with lots of light. They have couches and tables depending on how you like to study.
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Urban Grind

Urban Grind Coffee House and Roaster, Portland OR

Urban Grind is a staple for students and virtual workers. Plenty of table space and outlets make it a great study location.
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New Deal

New Deal Cafe, Portland OR

The New Deal is a sweet spot to study, pretty quiet with good coffee and friendly baristas.
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Coffee Time, Portland OR

Coffee time is great if you need to hide away and get stuff done. Make sure to check out the back area with tons of tables and little nooks to get work done.
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