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Bourbon Coffee DC 

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Outlets are usually on the perimeter tables and chairs. Great seats (mostly cushioned). Crowded times are morning 8-10 and afternoon 1-3, but even then they're not really crowded. Great location. Acoustics are great too, as even during very crowded times, the noise level is still very low. Friendly staff.

It can generally get a bit crowded during lunch time on the weekdays because of the surrounding businesses, but that crowd clears out rather quickly. Also, the stools at the bar at the front window are my favorite place to sit, but the sun tends to shine directly in your eyes depending on the time of day--BUT the front blinds are easily adjustable for that situation exactly, most people just don't realize.

The only cons are that it closes rather early, 6pm most nights (definitely not for night owls), and it is closed on Sundays.

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Seating Capacity 15
Group Space Some
Types of SeatingSmall tables, Larger table, Lounge chairs / couches
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Community notes

  • aarondewaldaarondewald on

    I’d agree with the review here. It’s fine. Reminds me a little bit of Caribou Coffee with its setup. There’s a lot of choices on coffee and food here, so that’s good.