Café ArtySana

Open to the public.




I love this place.

It’s right across the street from the hotel I’m staying in and I wandered in because I saw it from the balcony. I’m glad I did.

This place reminds me of something you’d find in San Diego. Bright, open, airy. There is blazing fast internet and plenty of places to sit. They have a good menu and it’s healthy/delicious too. You can get a wine or beer if you need to as well.

Power is a touch lacking, though there’s a strip in the back. They do have a stage in front for talent night, so there’s probably plugs there too.

In the back, there’s an open patio. It’s small and a little crowded, but if you need to be outside you can hit that. Also, the front has a place for smokers to sit… if that’s your thing.

They tend to play the music louder… and when it’s busy it can get noisy, so bring your headphones if you need them. During the week, it’s not a huge issue.

The workers here are fantastic. They speak Spanish, obviously, but English is understood. If you meet one of the owners, I think she speaks, like 10 different languages or something silly like that. Haha. Anyway, if you’re looking for a good place to sit and camp out, stop by here, say hi, and enjoy the ambiance.

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