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Are you a location independent worker who seeks reliable WiFi, great drinks and social buzz when getting some work done or a new change of pace and inspiration? We've found your people. Click through any group to join or check-out an upcoming meetup.






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Host a Meetup in Your City

We believe in the power of diversity and adventure of trying new things. As such, we'd love to support you in creating a Workfrom meetup in your city. We simply ask that you adhere to our golden rules and community guidelines.

1. Lead by example and be good stewards.

  • Choose a place that has good-to-great access to power; reliable WiFi and at least some group space -- even if only one larger table or smaller tables that can easily be pulled together if so desired. We've also found that places that aren't too quiet or too loud work best. If it's too quiet, your group won't feel like they can talk and that can hinder the social side of co-working.
  • Pick a time that's off-peak for the business to avoid the early morning, lunch and dinner rushes.
  • Call ahead to confirm the business can accommodate a group at your selected time.
  • Thank the staff and remember to tip (in countries that tip).
  • Tweet ahead if the location is on twitter, so we can all thank the business and show our appreciation.

2. Be good hosts.

  • Be early to setup signs and power strips if needed.
  • Greet and bid farewell to folks as they come and go.
  • Make introductions.
  • Follow up on -- there's a handy "good to see you" button you can use for folks who RSVP'd.

3. Foster community.

  • When setting up the meet up, check with the business to see if they have any specials they can extend to our group for the day.
  • Keep an eye out for folks coming to the meet up, to ensure they are supporting the business via a purchase while they work.
  • Encourage everyone to support the business via social media and tag your shares #WorkfromWednesday (if it's a Wednesday) or #WorkfromTribe.
  • Let new visitors know about and invite them to join.

Want help? Join our community managers forum for more tips, advice and collaboration.