Frequently asked questions

We’ve provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we see. If you didn’t cover something, please send us a note.

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How do I add a new space on Workfrom?

The best way to recommend a new space is to sign in and click the “add location” button located near the top right of the screen or to navigate directly to visit and follow the prompts.

Can I add a location that’s not in a featured city?

Yep. You can add a place located anywhere in the world.

How do I provide photos when making a recommendation?

We’d like to thank you for taking some photos for your recommendation! Having photos helps us verify and make a listing live much quicker. If you’ve taken photos, please post them to Twitter or Instagram and tag us using @workfrom and the name of the space you’re recommending. You can also reply to the confirmation email you get after recommending a space and attach the photos.

How do I add a space I own or manage?

First off, congrats on your forward thinking! The best way to make your recommendation is to visit and fill out all the information. Make sure check the box that asks if you are an owner or manager and fill out that information as well. This will allow us to expedite the verification process and ensure the accuracy of your listing.

My space is listed but the information is wrong.

The first thing you’ll want to do is claim your space if you haven’t already. To claim your space, make sure you are signed in and then simply click on the “Owner verification pending” link near the top of your listing. Once you’ve associated your listing with your account, you’ll see instructions on how to keep your information up-to-date and accurate.

Can I advertise on Workfrom?

We do promote some products and services in our community. We’re pretty picky because we care so damn much about our community’s experience. We do know there are great things out there and we want to promote them. If you’d like to advertise in our community, fill this out first please.

I wasn’t asked to create a password when I joined—why not?

We all have far too many passwords in our lives. We’ve worked to make it easy to “automagically” sign in whenever you find yourself signed out. This means you don’t need a password to be part of our community. However, if you want to set a password and use it to sign in we do make that simple as well. Navigate to your account and look for the “profile & password” tab. There you will see an option to create a new password.