HanaHaus in San Francisco

Cafe / Restaurant
Moderate Noise
Plugs everywhere

Original Scout + Editors

Community verified

Who's clocked in to get work done here

Workspace Details + Amenities

Coffee Blue Bottle
Food Small menu selection, but more than pastries
Seating Capacity 50+
Keywords palo alto, coworking, whiteboards, private spot, Has Food, Has Power
Web hanahaus.com  

Pro Tips

It's a part "pay-to-play" co-working space and part free co-working space. It's housed in what seems to be an old theatre and retains a lot of the charm. Blue Bottle coffee is inside.

Regardless of whether you decide to pay or not, there's plenty of places to sit. The free section has an outdoor patio with tons of tables. Tons. It's hopping and there are a ton of people out there playing chess, reading, working etc. Inside the free area, there are fewer spaces, however one or two people shouldn't have an issue finding a place to sit.

The paid space is nicer, a little less crowded. However, it's $3 per hour minimum to pull up to a table and work. There are tons of seats inside. Some standing bars, some community tables, some couch style places. If you pay more, you can get a spot all to yourself with a whiteboard. If you pay a little more than that, you can get a spot with more privacy, whiteboards, and a video display. There are also rooms that are completely private that seat what seems to be 8-10 people. One looks like it has it's own espresso machine in it. Don't know if it's for the room or what.

In the paid area, you could pull off a conference call or Skype chat. It'll be a tad noisy if you're in the more public spots. If it's an important call, might want to rent a private area for an hour while you chat. If it's a brainstorming style thing, not a problem.

If you have any computer issues, there's an Apple store right down the street. If you're looking to work in the paid spot, be sure to visit their website and register for an account ahead of time, so you can be guaranteed a spot.

  • This could be the perfect semi-public coworking space. It’s in an amazing space, all the physical stuff is perfectly designed, the Blue Bottle Coffee bar is great… it’s perfect. Except for the easiest thing to get right: the wifi. The bandwidth is atrocious. If you need the internet (and doesn’t everyone who co-works?), this place is useless. It’s sad. How can they continue to screw this up so badly? I think this is a hobby business. There used to be a weird thing where you had to use their atrocious software to pay for desk time. Seriously, you couldn’t just give them money, you had to wade through this POS iOS application. Thankfully that’s no longer true, but the wifi is still awful.

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