Homebase Beta

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Homebase Beta

A lightweight coworking option for the independent workforce

underutilized spaces

Occasional use of a local coworking space is expensive, cumbersome, and often requires a commitment individuals and small teams aren’t willing to make. With Homebase, it’s now possible to access underutilized professional spaces through an à la carte coworking experience you’ll love. We call it microcoworking.

Backed by the global community

The Homebase network is built, grown and vetted by the Workfrom community. When you join Homebase, you’ll join the mission to help a generation of professionals who’ve ditched the traditional office and daily commute.

How it works

For individuals and small teams

You’re working from a variety of spaces, so a monthly membership doesn’t make sense for your work style. Use Homebase for hassle-free access to local workspaces—but without paying for days you’ll never use.

1. Add credits to your Homebase account.

2. Use a credit when you need workspace.

3. No memberships or recurring fees.

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For forward-thinking hosts

You’re looking for ways to diversify revenue while also serving more of the community around you. Use Homebase to find new customers, build relationships with local professionals, and create revenue from underutilized space.

1. Add locations to the network.

2. Specify your payout method.

3. Get paid each time a credit is used.

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