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KIVA Tea Bar & Spa 

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Pro tips

They've added more seating, including a bar with benches (and an outlet strip!) along the ramp that leads to more seating in next door Lane Gallery. They now also have more than just snack plates: breakfast and Asian bowls, plus a few sandwiches.

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Darren Buckner

More about this space

Food small plates, snacks
Seating Capacity under 20
Group Space Little to None
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Community notes

  • ElocinaElocina on

    One more note: There is now a gallery next door which (when open) provides extra seating for Kiva customers.

  • ElocinaElocina on

    They have bench seating for 6-8 more people over by a wall of products toward the back. This seating area includes eight power outlets.

  • Darren BucknerDarren Buckner on

    This place is unique. It’s a Tea Bar and a Spa. They have good Wi-Fi and I love the open air seating. There are some amazing teas to try here and I’ve found their small plates and snacks are awesome. I really enjoy the fresh dried mango slices! The seating and power is limited.