Kolektif House | Sanayi in Istanbul

Moderate noise levels
Plugs everywhere

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Pro tips

24/7 Access to facilities
Unlimited coffee and tea service
Pastry service every weekday at 09:30 a.m.
Cookie service every weekday at 18:00 p.m.
10 mbits symmetric wi-fi (Additional internet packages upon request)
Power, water, heating, air conditioning, and all manner of operational or facilities costs
Protection from power failures through a UPS service in addition to an electrical generator
Daily office cleaning
Pronet security and night guard service
Option to utilize KoLounge for events or meetings
Printers and office basic appliances
Greeting Services
IT Support
Happy hours & surprise massage services
Lots of events, that bring creative people together, happen occasionally.

More details

Coffee Free coffee and tea
Tea Melez tea
Seating Capacity 130
Group Space Yes
Types of Seating Small tables, Larger tables, Standing bar / counter, Lounge chairs / couches
Web www.kolektifhouse.co  
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