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Best Cafes in Medellín and Other Good Reads

Enjoy a selection of our favorite stories about remote work, digital nomads, freelancing, and the future of work from the week of June 12th, 2017.

The Best Cafes in Medellín for a Productive Workday

Medellín, Colombia has become one of the top destinations for digital nomads. If you’re heading to the City of the Eternal Spring, we’ve got six cafes that are perfect for remote work. UNTETHERED

5 Tips to Build a Remote Freelance Team for Your Business

Focus on building good communication and hiring practices as you expand your remote and freelance workforce. ENTREPRENEUR

The Company Behind WordPress Is Closing Its Gorgeous San Francisco Office Because Its Employees Never Show Up

While IBM calls its employees back to the office, Automattic goes in the other direction by closing their San Francisco location. QUARTZ

The Remote Worker’s Guide to Going Back to the Office

Great tips for remote workers (and not just IBM employees) who need to readjust to the in-office experience. FAST COMPANY

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