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Crossover’s Remote Team and Other Good Reads

Enjoy a selection of our favorite stories about remote work, coworking, freelancing, and the future of work from the week of April 10th, 2017.

Crossover: Rewriting the Remote Team Playbook

It’s challenging to manage a remote team of any size. Now try to imagine what it’s like to coordinate the efforts of 1850+ contractors spread across 98 countries. That’s what the folks at IT services company Crossover manage to accomplish on a daily basis. UNTETHERED

How to Train Your Brain to Be More Innovative

It may seem a “no brainer,” but you can train yourself to be innovative by cultivating certain characteristics and surrounding yourself with the right people. FAST COMPANY

Why Freelancing Will Be Part of Nearly Everyone’s Future

More than 55 million people did some kind of freelance work last year, and experts agree this number will only continue to climb. INC.

Co-Living Spaces: Modern Utopia or Over-Organised Hell?

An inside look at London’s Old Oak—the largest co-living scheme in the world. LONDONIST

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