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Deekit’s Remote Team and Other Good Reads

Start off your week with a selection of our favorite stories about remote work, coworking, freelancing, and the future of work.

Deekit’s Remote Team

Deekit built their synonymous whiteboard app to transform the way remote teams collaborate. And with a list of customers including Sony, Spotify, and Uber, Deekit’s own distributed team needs to communicate and innovate as efficiently as possible. Blake Moore explains how they do it. UNTETHERED

How To Land A Promotion Without Going To The Office

There’s no reason to be out-of-mind just because you aren’t in the office every day. These remote workers got ahead with a few savvy strategies. FAST COMPANY

Coworking Spaces: The Secret to Happier Remote Employees

Don’t let remote employees feel like the black sheep of your business. Show them you care by giving them access to coworking spaces (Bonus: It’ll also improve your company). INC.

5 Tips To Make It As a Tech Freelancer

The idea of working for yourself sounds glamorous. But there are challenges as well, and it’s wise to go into your new freelance career with your eyes wide open. FORBES

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