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Ergonomics for Remote Workers and Other Good Reads from Workfrom

Enjoy a selection of our favorite stories from the week of January 30th, 2017.

Ergonomic Challenges for Remote Workers

The rise of “work from anywhere” arrangements presents an ergonomic and injury prevention challenge for workers and employers alike. Here’s some good advice to ensure you don’t get bent out of shape when bouncing between different work settings. UNTETHERED

Five Creative Ways These Freelancers Landed Gig Work

Some freelancers find work in unexpected places, from Tinder dates to Facebook posts. FAST COMPANY

Your Employee Wants to Work Remotely: Should You Let Her?

The President of Metal Mafia believes that working from home must be treated as a sacrifice by your company, not a perk you are entitled to. INC.

PodShare, a Membership-based Living Space, is Redefining the Concept of Co-living

Founder Elvina Beck has created a complete Los Angeles-based co-living society. And unlike other co-living communities, PodShare is truly about “sharing it all.” TIMEOUT


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