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Networking as a Remote Worker and Other Good Reads from Workfrom

Enjoy a selection of our favorite stories from the week of November 21st, 2016.

Building an In-Person Community as a Remote Worker

John Arthur provides tips on how remote workers can build an in-person community by working from coworking spaces and attending meetups. UNTETHERED

Expert Q&A: How to Deal with Taxes as a Global Remote Worker

Here’s how a new breed of cloud-based accountants are helping global workers navigate complex tax laws. If you’re a remote worker, you’ll want to hire one ASAP. FORBES

4 Great Reasons to Raise Your Freelancing Rate Today

It may seem counterintuitive, but raising your rate can actually increase the number of job offers that come your way. AND.CO

Coworking 2.0: How Pot Growers, Chefs, and Lawyers are Coming Together

Popularized by the tech industry and beautified by the creative industry, coworking spaces are being used by chefs, lawyers, scientists and even cannabis entrepreneurs. THE GLOBE AND MAIL

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