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Remote Celebrations and Other Good Reads from Workfrom

Enjoy a selection of our favorite stories about remote work, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the future of work from the week of February 13th, 2017.

Celebrating Major Milestones Remotely

Is it possible to celebrate when you can’t even high five or clink a congratulatory beverage with a teammate? The answer is yes—here’s how. UNTETHERED

Why it’s Time to Telecommute, and How to Stay Productive

Marc Saltzman explains the advantage of telecommuting and shares his thoughts on best practices for those working at home. USA TODAY

Would You Take an 8 Percent Pay Cut to Work From Home?

The CEO of Aha! doesn’t believe anyone should have to take a pay cut to enjoy the benefits of working remotely. He debunks four pervasive myths about remote work. INC.

Why Millennials Actually Want More Feedback at Work

Tien Tzuo, the founder and CEO of Zuora, suggests that millennials’ need for feedback and recognition in the workplace can have a positive influence on companies. FORTUNE

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