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Untethered Weekly Roundup: August 27, 2017

Enjoy our roundup of the top stories about remote work, digital nomads, coworking, and the future of work.

How Remote Professionals Can Leverage Coworking for Marketing

Are you looking to market your services more effectively? Coworking may be the answer. These shared spaces make networking easy, provide a captive audience for your marketing strategies, and opportunities to gather fresh perspectives from fellow professionals.


7 Smart Things You Can Do With Time You’ll Save As a Remote Worker

Remote workers should learn to invest and reinvest their time in concrete ways that can be of benefit to them professionally, personally, psychologically, and culturally.  Some methods to do this include learning a language, writing a book, traveling with loved ones, and creating actionable goals for fitness and exercise.


Turn on, Tune in, and Drop By the Office

Microdosing, ingesting small amounts of psychedelic drugs, is becoming all the rage among young investors and tech workers. They impute to it enhanced memory, creativity, and an enlarged sense of being part of a wider community.


How to Figure Out What Time of Day You’re Most Productive

Three strategies to make an honest assessment of peak “golden hours” of productivity, including self-reflection and employing browser blocks.


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