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Untethered Weekly Roundup: July 16, 2017

Enjoy our roundup of the top stories about remote work, digital nomads, coworking, and the future of work.

4 Ways to Unplug From Your Connected Life

Constantly connected. Eternally distracted. It’s the most challenging aspect of the lifestyle we’ve chosen as location-independent professionals. Taking a break can be difficult, but these strategies can help you unplug and recharge.


Some Employers Are Rethinking Telework, Citing a Need For Better Collaboration

The speed of digital technology has allowed workers to be mobile and flexible, but it’s also created demand for continuous updates and real-time collaboration. Can remote teams be as innovative as their co-located peers?


How to Be Productive When You’d Rather Be Anywhere But Work

Productivity experts share their top tricks for staying focused and motivated when you feel really distracted.


The Culthopping Twins Who Have Been Evangelicals, Rappers, and Digital Nomads

The Chiang Mai digital nomad scene has been described as “half-hippie, half-hustler.” It’s a community invested in maintaining a delicate balance of commercial and communal. The Atlas twins tried to out hustle the hustlers … and lost.



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