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Untethered Weekly Roundup: July 2, 2017

Enjoy our roundup of the top stories about remote work, digital nomads, coworking, and the future of work.

Coffee Shops: the Unsung Incubators for Today’s Startups

Your local coffee shop is a rarely celebrated champion in the future of work. Workfrom founder Darren Buckner explains why it’s essential to support these natural incubators for great ideas. UNTETHERED

How Remote Work Can Make Your Small Company Global

While remote work has been under assault at larger companies such as IBM and Yahoo, an increasing number of US workers are working that way. CNET

Remote Work Is Not About Avoiding the Commute

There’s no single good answer to what works best for professionals, only tradeoffs. BLOOMBERG

Why Landing a Work-From-Home, C-Level Executive Role Might Be Easier Than You Think

As more companies integrate remote workers, positions up the corporate ladder are welcoming flexible work arrangements. FORBES

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