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Untethered Weekly Roundup: October 2-6, 2017

Enjoy our roundup of the top stories about remote work, freelancers, coworking, and the future of work.

Overly Eager to Monitor Remote Employees? You’re Doing It Wrong

The beauty of remote work is in its leaning toward a total meritocracy: professionals do the work, and ought to be rewarded based on output alone. But remote monitoring tools threaten to undermine this.


When Working From Home Doesn’t Work

One writer explores remote work and discovers that personal productivity may be at odds with collaborative efficiency. Learn why.


No Men Allowed: Powell Co-Working Space Open Only to Women Working in Digital Media

Learn how women in Ohio are planning to fight gender bias and take ideas back to their companies.


Algorithms Have Already Gone Rogue

An interview with Tim O’Reilly illustrates how technology can create magic and cause havoc at the same time.


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