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Untethered Weekly Roundup: September 18-22, 2017

Enjoy our roundup of the top stories about remote work, freelancers, coworking, and the future of work.

5 Big Mistakes Most New Freelancers Make

One writer’s advice to new freelancers on how to navigate the pitfalls of remote work and learn how to become both employee and owner.


You Can’t Gig With Us: Why the Freelance Economy is Getting More Cliquey

One entrepreneur admits that curation is the antithesis of growth.  Is the future of the gig economy to be shaped by invite-only platforms open only to a select few elites?


IBM Forces Workers to Colocate and Here’s Why

One writer argues that effective team building and team productivity needs in-person communication and some degree of colocation.  Find out why.


There’s No Such Thing As a Remote Worker

With the globalization of most sectors of the economy, is there such a thing as remote work?


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