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Workfrom Basics

Website: ​h​ttps://workfrom.co
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon

Workfrom App


Workfrom Social Accounts

Twitter – twitter.com/workfrom
Facebook – facebook.com/workfrom
Instagram – instagram.com/workfrom/
Google+ – plus.google.com/+Workfrom
LinkedIn – linkedin.com/company/3779844
Pinterest – pinterest.com/workfromco
Hashtag: #workfrom #roamfree

What is Workfrom?

Workfrom is a crowdsourced search platform and social network used by mobile, independent and creative professionals to find and share work-friendly brick-and-mortar businesses. The community behind Workfrom enables people to connect with others and network in new and important ways.

Workfrom for People

Today’s workforce is fundamentally changing. We are less reliant on single-location workspaces and increasingly frequenting multiple venues in support of our work. These venues include coffee shops, cafes, coworking spaces and other types of shared environments.

The ability to find the best places to get work done as we move around is essential for the new class of mobile professionals sweeping the globe. Becoming less isolated and more connected to our professional peers is also a growing need for millions.

Because of these major work style shifts, we think people need a different tool to augments their work styles and we help them make the most of the global macro trend towards community, coworking and shared spaces.

Workfrom for Venues

The way customers discover and choose local businesses is changing. The ease and popularity of working remotely and from a variety of brick-and-mortar venues, puts the work-friendly amenities people seek at the forefront. Accessible and reliable WiFi, comfortable seating, access to power outlets and background noise levels are now more than ever used as a driver in the decision making of customers.

Local and mapping platforms and the raising importance of mobile are making the traditional mechanisms less important. People no longer look at store locators or venue web pages to check details from businesses, they use platforms like Workfrom that give them a specific lens at which to look through. The focus has shifted and businesses need to pay attention to their presence outside their own domains.

Because of that, we think brick-and-mortar businesses need a different tool to manage their digital presence and we want to help them make the most of the global macro trend of coworking and shared spaces.

Who is Workfrom for?

Mobile professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, creatives, students and digital nomads of all stripes. Workfrom also serves the management of brick-and-mortar businesses, coworking spaces, and other venues offering space for people to enjoy while getting work done.

What are Workfrom’s core features?

  1. Search for venues offering work-friendly amenities.
  2. Contribute venues to the platform.
  3. See where others are getting work done.
  4. Connect and network with others in the community.
  5. Clock in at places you’re actively working from.
  6. Create favorites lists.
  7. Manage your local business information.
  8. Get your local business in front of new customers.


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