October 27, 2015

Workfrom launches new social feature enabling mobile professionals to see where others are working, right now

Portland-based startup releases a clock-in and discovery feature aimed at helping people find one another when choosing a place to get work done.

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PORTLAND – Finding reliable, yet productive, workspaces while on the move is a longstanding problem that mobile professionals—remote employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers and business travelers—know well. It’s the reason Workfrom, a Portland-based startup, launched a search engine in 2014, a membership program earlier this year and is now launching a service to allow visitors to see where others are working, in real-time.

Real-time insights are nothing new to Workfrom: earlier this year, Workfrom partnered with Silicon Valley startup, Density, to provide information on how likely it is that one can expect to find a seat at a popular coffee shop or co-working space, right now. Locating a place with solid WiFi, plenty of power outlets and a welcoming environment conducive to working from a laptop was a difficult task before Workfrom. “Even though we made that discovery easier, we wanted to solve the next problem of going to that perfect place, only to find it too busy to get a spot,” explains Jewel Mlnarik, co-founder of Workfrom.

The website, and soon-to-be companion mobile app, allows the world’s growing, mobile workforce to quickly locate peer-recommended spaces to get work done when they need it. Not only does Workfrom show them places others have submitted as great workspaces, it also surfaces the amenities people look for when determining if a place is a good match for the work they need to do.

Such amenities include WiFi speeds, access to coveted power outlets, background noise, places to take calls, types of food, seating and table space, bicycle and car parking—anything to help people reduce the risk of going somewhere they can’t work efficiently. Scouts often include pro tips to give visitors a local’s perspective on a space and offer helpful information, such as where to find the power outlets or WiFi password.

It’s an easy and reliable new way to solve a growing issue caused by the rise of remote working, with digital nomads and millennials leading the charge.

Having made recon on the suitability of mobile workspaces readily available to users, the company now takes aim at providing real-time information about when and where people are working. Imagine if you knew where your peers were getting work done when choosing a cafe or coffee shop to visit and do the same. It opens up a whole new opportunity for ad hoc co-working and meetups.

Clocking in at the places you’re working
Members of the Workfrom community “clock in” at places listed on and broadcast their location to others. In addition to helping others in the area find places to work for a while based on where others may be at a given moment, the data collected from each clock-in helps Workfrom better understand how people move from place to place to get work done. This information ultimately helps businesses looking to better support the remote working crowd understand and harness opportunities to do just that. It also encourages discovery of new places that are similar to ones already enjoyed by Workfrom’s users.

One of the more common challenges that Workfrom hears from its community is that working remotely, from anywhere, can get lonely. Many workers who choose to work at home do so to avoid distractions and find themselves missing the camaraderie of the office—but not so much that they’d prefer to work from one every day. “Working from coffee shops, co-working spaces and other non-traditional ‘offices’ gives people the ability to enjoy the freedom of remote work without sacrificing all of the social upsides we’re used to at a centralized office,” says Mlnarik. Workfrom is betting that sharing where people work will offer a better way to discover great places, giving remote workers a social avenue to connect offline, on their own schedule.

“Imagine being able find a place to work from based on who’s there right now. Coworking, meetups and networking suddenly become discoverable from anywhere. This is game changing.” — Darren, CEO Workfrom

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Clock-ins are shown when viewing a map of an area and on a venue’s listing.

Rise of The Mobile Workforce

1.25 billion worldwide by 2016

The old school 9-5 workday, sitting in a cubicle all day, and time-sucking daily commutes are being challenged. Working outside of a traditional office has risen 82 percent between 2005 and 2014, and it continues to grow rapidly. Numerous studies are published every month linking flexible work schedules with better health, employee satisfaction and overall corporate productivity.

Increasingly, work happens everywhere. Freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs are finding their workspaces in different ways than they have before, and for different reasons. Workfrom is helping workers all of over the world find their independence by removing the barriers of finding good places to work and directly involving them in the process.


About Workfrom, Inc.
The freedom to work anywhere is a perk of being untethered from an office. Workfrom helps us enjoy that freedom. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2014, Workfrom is a membership based community and resource built by and for freelancers, digital nomads, remote workers, business travelers and students to quickly find reliable, shared work spaces around the world. Workfrom connects the growing global, mobile workforce with businesses and organizations that support a work-anywhere culture through search, social and events.

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