June 15, 2015

Workfrom Brings Real-time Open Seating to Coffee Shops and Cafes

PORTLAND, Oregon – has teamed up with Density, a San Francisco based startup, to bring real-time data about seating capacity to select venues in Portland, Oregon. This means you’ll now be able to ​see how likely an open seat is before you visit—solving a longtime pain point for many remote workers and high mobility professionals who regularly work from public spaces.

The Workfrom community has rapidly grown by attracting high-mobility professionals who increasingly find themselves working from non traditional spaces like coffee shops, bars, cafes and coworking spaces. Since its inception, providing key information for the mobile workforce has been at the core of Workfrom’s culture. The company seeks to continually innovate in this fast growing demographic.

One such innovation is the use of infrared sensors used to anonymously detect entrances and exits of patrons at venues included in this cutting edge pilot beginning May 19th. The accuracy of these high tech devices is upwards of 95%, allowing Workfrom to reliably display minute-to-minute seating capacity on its website—

This inside look into a venue’s busyness is a holy grail for remote workers, digital nomads and business travelers to name just a few. Knowing the space available beforehand, eases frustrations, makes meetings more effective and saves valuable time otherwise lost commuting to crowded spaces.

Data gathered around customer traffic provides big upside to the business owners and their patrons. Comparing historical trends against other important business operations enables venue owners to make more educated decisions and work to smooth out the peaks and valleys of a typical business day. This same data is used to determine optimal times of day for patrons to visit for meetings, work tasks and productivity. Workfrom’s vision to foster a healthy ecosystem for remote workers and host businesses alike is furthered with this recent partnership.

Workfrom is a key resource for the future of how knowledge work gets done. Scores of Millennials are entering a workforce where location dependent work has become a thing of the past. The 9-5 workday has given way to a work from anywhere, anytime culture—experts projecting within only a few years more than 1.3 billion people worldwide will regularly work virtually and from places outside of a traditional office.​

The young company has curated listings for thousands of vetted workspaces in 40+ countries and 100+ cities, with 14 featured cities. More featured cities are on the horizon.

The four venues equipped with real-time data are Crema Coffee and Bakery, Southeast Grind, Bare Bones Cafe and CENTRL Office coworking.

For more information or to join the Workfrom community, visit and follow @workfromco. There are no annual or monthly contracts required to use the service or access the benefits.

About Workfrom, Inc.
Workfrom, Inc. was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2014 and connects the growing community of nomadic workers, creatives, freelancers, independent professionals and entrepreneurs with the businesses that support a work-anywhere culture. Workfrom connects people with great places they can count on to get work done, recharge and collaborate all around the world.

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