NXT Industries: The Lab in Portland

Private / Coworking Space
Moderate Noise
Several Plugs

Original Scout, Editors + Owners

Owner verified | Community approved

Who's clocked in to get work done here

Workspace Details + Amenities

Coffee Proudly Serving Deadstock's Baseline Roast
Tea various
Food microwave and fridge to bring your lunch, granola bars provided
Seating Capacity 75
Group Space Yes
Types of Seating Small tables, Larger tables, Standing bar / counter, Lounge chairs / couches
Keywords coworking, creatives, lounge, workstation, complimentary coffee, Has Food, Has Power, Tea, Coffee, Popular
Web www.nxtindustries.com  

Pro Tips

Sitting desks, standing tables, sofa vignettes and plenty of space this place is a dream for getting work done. Kitchenette available to heat up lunch or grab a cup of coffee. Amazing conference room for private conversations or bigger meetings and even a pool table to blow off steam and regroup. The photo studio and conference room require special booking, but everything else is available.

  • the conference room space reminds me of the cubes they keep “inhumans” in on “Marvel’s Agents Of Shield.”

  • Hi Debra, thank you for the feedback and the positivity.

  • Hey Marty, Thanks for the feedback. We are pet friendly and have pretty high expectations of the owners for their dogs, I’m sorry if it wasn’t managed properly during your visit. The beer smell also has long dissipated from the privacy booth and new lighting has been added to make it even more comfortable to use! Hope to see you again.

  • Overall this is a pretty nice space with good lighting and surprisingly decent acoustics. The owner was helpful & kind. The wolf dog is pretty and friendly but occasionally barked loudly and was mostly ignored by his owners when he started barking frequently. There is a privacy booth which is great but it smelled strongly of beer.

  • Short: NXT on MLK is a great place for creative work. In a space with no visual distractions and acoustics that mute sound, my mind was free to focus on my writing. Bring your own extension cord; you may need it.

    Detailed: I worked here yesterday (forgot to clock in) and had a very productive day. Though It was pouring outside and the room and furniture are all white, the reclaimed industrial space is comfortable and inviting. The room mutes sound, so I wasn’t bothered by three or four people talking ten feet from my desk. Another Workfrommer said to bring an extension cord. They were right. Outlets are along the perimeter and on pillars. Some desk pods are powered by extension cords taped to the floor. The guy at the next desk was friendly, offering to unplug so I could charge. The owners were also friendly and helpful. I’d work here again for sure.

    Note to my fellow suburbanites: Tri-met service in this area is not what we’re used to. Buses run frequently. The trip from Beaverton Transit Center only required 1 change and was quicker than driving and hunting up parking.

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