Becoming a Partner Venue

Every day thousands of people use Workfrom, making us the largest platform of our kind—and we’re growing quickly. Workfrom has become a go-to resource for entrepreneurs, remote workers, freelancers, business travelers, and distributed teams.

When someone uses Workfrom, there is explicit intent on finding a place to get work done. This makes our network highly targeted and effective.

What I’ll receive as a partner

In order to keep quality and effectiveness strong, the network is curated and provides partners with exclusive upside.

I’ll get access to direct referrals in my area curated by the Workfrom team (1)

I’ll get inside information from the Workfrom team, identifying trends I can use to improve my business (2)

Getting started is easy

Please complete a quick application, and once approved, pay the annual fee. We review and verify each partner we work with. There are no other charges or hidden fees. We do not take commissions on customers we generate for you, and we don’t require any type of revenue sharing. We like to keep things simple.

(1) Intelligent referrals we generate from our community based on the location and search behavior
(2) We send our partners information via email, and we often provide secure access to data in your account dashboard

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is this for?

One of the great things about Workfrom is that we help people find all kinds of places to get work done. From local coffee shops to large hotel brands, we’re interested in helping people find a great space whenever, wherever. If you are in the business of providing workspace of any kind, you need to be a Workfrom partner.

Q: What kind of leads or referrals can I expect to receive?

It depends on the type of space you provide. If your venue is a private venue that requires a fee or membership to use, you can expect people looking to book. If your venue is open to the public, like a coffee shop or cafe, you can expect to see new patrons enjoying your amenities. Each venue is different and we work with each partner to figure out the best way to refer people.

Q: What makes Workfrom different than other sites I can use to list my business?

Simply put, we are the world’s largest people-powered recommendation engine for 21st century workspaces. We see far more people than any other platform. We feature all kinds of spaces, we have social networking built in, and we provide powerful insights into the workability of a space. Workfrom is a one-of-a-kind platform and truly global community. We are wholly responsive to a new era of work, where people work from anywhere, and choose spaces based on trusted recommendations.