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Right now there’s not many people here, newer coworking space (opened January). That means it’s fairly quiet, very empty. I think there will be more people as they learn about it. The space is very cool, there are free office supplies and printing/fax/laminating. There are lots of supplies to make group games (the primary vision for the space is to be a creative space for game creators and others to collaborate). First day is free, after that, drop in rates are $20/day for the shared space. They ask on the website that you let them know ahead of time if you’re coming in. Free coffee, tea, snacks. Refrigerator and kitchenette access for storing/prepping lunch. Parking is easy and free (park in the giant lot south of the building), or take the bus (Metro routes 5 or 48). Office rentals, conference room, and memberships available also.

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