Promote your Place!

Workfrom is the insider’s guide to the best coffee shops, cafes, bars and other shared spaces to get work done across the planet. If that’s you, read on.
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Promotion vs Verification

Workfrom listings are sourced by our community and undergo verification:

  • Community Verification means that at least two separate people have worked from a space and confirmed the details.
  • Owner Verification means that a business knowingly welcomes our tribe into their space.

In smaller communities, being Owner Verified is often enough to help your listing stand out. We all want to feel welcome and it’s these spaces we seek out. In larger cities, promotion ensures your listing gets noticed. Promotions include:

  • priority listing in search results
  • cross promotion on other listings in the area
  • full site promotion
  • featured placement on the homepage
  • sponsored blog post

premium promotional options available upon request