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Studio No.7 (Possibly closed)

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  • JenT

    I walked by this place in the middle of the day on a Thursday and it was not open. It looked run down on the outside, like it was not being maintained. I think it might be closed.

  • mikeful92

    Nice location. I spend around 4 hours working from here one time. The music might be loud for some, but for me it was fine. If I needed to focus I just used my headphones. Staff was very nice. Great beverage and food options, specially the Vietnamese coffee. It was relatively empty on a Friday afternoon. I used an xfinity WiFi hotspot so I can’t comment on the wifi at the location, but the staff told me there was one available. Parking can be difficult in Downtown, I paid $5 across the street for a full day. I believe the price can variety depending on the day and events going on.