Taszo Espresso Bar › New York City

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If you are working at a computer you are required to sit in the back area of the cafe, which is set up for working, with lots of power outlets available. All of the seating for people working on computers is communal. There’s a long, wooden table with power outlets down the center as well as a bar with stools, also with outlets. The half dozen or so deuce tables in the main cafe also have outlets, and you can charge your phone there while you eat or drink, but they won’t let you work at those tables. They tend to play music from the 70s and 80s, some of it pretty bad pop hits, but the music isn’t loud or obtrusive. They serve halfway decent food, beer, kombucha, tea and coffee, and lemonade, and they are open late for a cafe. It’s convenient to the #1 subway line and the M4 and M5 buses. And somehow, there always seem to be cute guys here.

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